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Converter - ADC -- AD10242TZ

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The AD10242 is a complete dual signal chain solution including onboard amplifiers, references, ADCs, and output buffering providing unsurpassed total system performance. Each channel is laser trimmed for gain and offset matching and provides channel-to- channel crosstalk performance better than 80 dB. The AD10242 utilizes two each of the AD9631, OP279, and the AD9042 in a custom MCM to gain space, performance, and cost advantages over solutions previously available.The AD10242 operates with ±5.0 V for the analog signal conditioning with a separate +5.0 V supply for the analog-to-digital conversion. Each channel is completely independent allowing operation with independent encode or analog inputs. The AD10242 also offers the user a choice of analog input signal ranges to minimize additional signal conditioning required for multiple functions within a single system. The heart of the AD10242 is the AD9042 which is designed specifically for applications requiring wide dynamic range.The AD10242 is manufactured by Analog Devices on our MIL-PRF-38534 MCM line and is completely qualified. Units are packaged in a custom cofired ceramic 68-lead gull wing package and specified for operation from –55°C to +125°C. Contact the factory for additional custom options including those which allow the user to ac couple the ADC directly, by-passing the front end amplifier section. Also see the AD9042 data sheet for additional details on ADC performance.


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