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CSTLS ceramic resonators are part of the CERALOCK® range from Murata. CSTLS are leaded, and have a standard frequency tolerance for industrial and consumer applications. These ceramic resonators have built in load capacitors, making them ideal for oscillation circuits that do not require external load capacitors. This allows for high density mounting while contributing to cost reduction.
Built-in capacitance. Cost effective. Reliable. Stable over a wide temperature range. Lightweight and compact. Shock resistant
Resonance Frequency = 16MHz
Frequency Tolerance = ±0.5%
Mode of Oscillation = 3rd Overtone
Load Capacitance = 15pF
Frequency Ageing = ±0.2 %
Frequency Stability = ±0.2%
Mounting Type = Through Hole
Pin Count = 3
Dimensions = 5.5 x 3.5 x 6.5mm
Height = 6.5mm


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Through Hole
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