Newark, An Avnet Company Datasheets for Sample-and-Hold Amplifiers

Sample-and-hold amplifiers freeze analog voltage instantly. During this process the HOLD command is issued and analog voltage is available for an extended period.
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Product Name Notes
SAMPLE & HOLD AMP, 1MHZ, 20US, DIP-8; No. of Amplifiers:1 Amplifier; Bandwidth:1MHz; Acquisition Time:20µs; Input Offset Voltage:2mV; Amplifier Case Style:DIP; No. of Pins:8Pins; Supply Voltage Range:± 5V to ± 18V;
SAMPLE & HOLD AMP, 2MHZ, 3US, LCC-20; No. of Amplifiers:2 Amplifier; Bandwidth:2MHz; Acquisition Time:3µs; Input Offset Voltage:2mV; Amplifier Case Style:LCC; No. of Pins:20Pins; Supply Voltage Range:± 12V to ± 15V;
SAMPLE & HOLD AMPLIFIER 1MHZ 20 US, SOIC; MSL:MSL 1 - Unlimited; SVHC:No SVHC (15-Jan-2019) RoHS Compliant: Yes
SAMPLE & HOLD AMPLIFIER 2MHZ, 1 uS, SOIC-16; No. of Amplifiers:1 Amplifier; Bandwidth:2MHz; Acquisition Time:1µs; Input Offset Voltage:500µV; Amplifier Case Style:SOIC; No. of Pins:16Pins; Supply Voltage Range:± 13.5V to ±
SAMPLE & HOLD AMPLIFIER 4.5MHZ 500NS DIP-14; No. of Amplifiers:1 Amplifier; Bandwidth:4.5MHz; Acquisition Time:500ns; Input Offset Voltage:200µV; Amplifier Case Style:DIP; No. of Pins:14Pins; Supply Voltage Range:± 10V to ± 20V...
Sample and Hold Amplifier, CMOS Quad, 4, 8 kHz, 3.5 s, 2.5 mV, SOIC, 16 RoHS Compliant: Yes
Sample and Hold Amplifier, High Speed, 1, 4 MHz, 700 ns, 50 mV, DIP, 8 RoHS Compliant: Yes