Allied Electronics, Inc. Datasheets for AC Motors

AC motors include single, multiphase, universal, induction, synchronous, and gear motors. They also include servomotors.
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Product Name Notes
Features: Available in 50-60 Hz 12-230 V Reversible or Unidirectional Gearbox Rated Capacity from 30-300 Oz.-In. UL, CSA
Hurst® permanent magnet motors are reversible motors. The permanent magnet construction provides inherent dynamic braking and low rotor speed for quit operation and rapid acceleration.
The 60 Hz can-stack motors operate at synchronous speeds of 300 and 600 rpm. High-quality gearing is available for the can-stack motors. The ceramic rotor magnet material provides a relatively...
230 V, Single Direction Synchronous Geared Motors AC Synchronous Motors These motors provide a constant rotation speed independent of the load, but linked to the supply frequency. They are also...
DC Permanent Magnet Spur Gearmotors Die-cast zinc mounting flange The motor and gearbox bearings are life-lubricated sleeve bearings.