Instrumentation Amplifier Chips from RS Components, Ltd.


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The Instrumentation Amplifier ICs amplify the difference between two input signal voltages, while rejecting any signals that are common to both inputs. The DC precision and gain accuracy is maintained within a noisy environment, and also where large common-mode signals (AC power line frequency) are present.
Power Supply Type = Dual, Single
Package Type = SOIC
Mounting Type = Surface Mount
Typical Single Supply Voltage = 3 - 12 V
Pin Count = 8
Typical Dual Supply Voltage = ±2.5 - ±6V
Rail to Rail = Rail to Rail Output
Maximum Input Offset Voltage = 200µV
Minimum Operating Temperature = -40 °C
Maximum Operating Temperature = +85 °C


Analog Devices, Inc.
Manufacturer Part Number
Product Category
Instrumentation Amplifier Chips
Supply Voltage (VS)
3 to 12 volts
Operating Temperature
Package Type
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