Maxim Integrated Datasheets for Instrumentation Amplifier Chips

Instrumentation amplifier chips are precision amplifier circuits with both high-impedance differential inputs and high common-mode rejection.
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Product Name Notes
The MAX4194 is a variable-gain precision instrumentation amplifier that combines Rail-to-Rail; single-supply operation, outstanding precision specifications, and a high gain bandwidth. This amplifier is also offered in three fixed-gain versions:...
The MAX4198/MAX4199 low-power, rail-to-rail differential amplifiers are ideal for single-supply applications that benefit from a low 0.01% gain error. The MAX4198 is factory trimmed to a fixed gain of +1V/V,...
The MAX4208/MAX4209 ultra-low offset and drift instrumentation amplifiers feature exceptional precision specifications, low power consumption, rail-to-rail output, excellent gain-bandwidth product, and buffered REFIN/MODE input in a very small µMAX® package.
The MAX4460/MAX4461/MAX4462 are instrumentation amplifiers with precision specifications, low-power consumption, and excellent gain-bandwidth product. Proprietary design techniques allow ground-sensing capability combined with ultra-low input current and increased common-mode rejection performance.