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High-performance General Purpose operational amplifiers from Linear Technology. Many of these op amps feature rail-to-rail input and output capabilities allowing enhanced performance in low voltage applications. The devices include single, dual and quad package options and both through-hole and SMT mounting types are available. Typical applications include signal processing, active filters, multiplex amplifiers, sensor conditioning, 4 to 25mA current transmitters, buffer amplifiers, ADC drivers and instrumentation.
Amplifier Type = Precision
Mounting Type = Through Hole
Package Type = PDIP
Power Supply Type = Dual, Single
Number of Channels per Chip = 2
Pin Count = 8
Typical Single Supply Voltage = 3 - 28 V
Typical Gain Bandwidth Product = 10.5MHz
Output Type = Rail to Rail
Typical Dual Supply Voltage = ±12 V, ±3 V, ±5 V, ±9 V


Product Category
Operational Amplifiers
Supply Voltage (VS)
3 to 28 volts
Package Type
Number of Pins
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