Allied Electronics, Inc. Datasheets for Diacs

Diacs are bi-directional diodes that switch AC voltages and trigger silicon controlled rectifiers (SCRs) and triacs. Except for a small leakage current, diacs do not conduct until the breakover voltage is reached.
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A DIAC is a full-wave or bidirectional thyristor. Whenever the amplitude of applied voltage exceeds the breakover voltage rating of the DIAC, it switches from blocking-to-conducting-state.
Teccor brand SIDACs are silicon bilateral voltage triggered switches, with greater power-handling capabilities than standard DIACs. Upon application of a voltage exceeding the breakover voltage point, a SIDAC switches on,...
DIAC, 32 V (Typ.) Voltage Breakover, 250 mW Power Dissipation, DO35 Package Type Glass–chip passivation These devices are triggered from a blocking–to–conduction state for either polarity of applied voltage whenever...