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Schottky diodes in their simplest form consist of a metal layer that contacts a semiconductor element. The metal / semiconductor junctions exhibit rectifying behavior (i.e., the current passes through the structure more readily with one polarity than the other).
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Product Name Notes
Diode-Schottky -- MSS20,143-B10D Beam Lead Zero Bias Silicon Schottky Diode
Diode-Schottky -- SMS3928-098 CROSSOVER QUAD
Diode-Schottky -- MSS30,PCB46-B48 Diode, Bridge Quad, Silicon, B48 Beam Lead
Diode-Schottky -- MNH312-19-1 Diode, High Barrier Schottky Mixer , 8 V, .1 pf @ 0 VDC 1 MHz, for use up to 26 GHz
Diode-Schottky -- MSS30,PCR46-B47 Diode, Ring Quad, Silicon, B47 Beam Lead
Diode-Schottky -- SMS202UP Diode, Schottky Detector, DFN 0406
Diode-Schottky -- MZB603-10 Diode, Schottky Detector, Zero Bias, 5 Dot, Bare Die
Diode-Schottky -- MZB609-25 Diode, Schottky Detector, Zero Bias, CS25
Diode-Schottky -- MSS60,PCB46-B48 Diode, Schottky Silicon, Coplanar Bridge Quad, Beamlead, B49 Pkg
Diode-Schottky -- MSS40,CR46-B49
Diode-Schottky -- MSS40,CR53-B49
Diode-Schottky -- MSS60,CR46-B49
Diode-Schottky -- MSS60,CR53-B49
Diode, Schottky Silicon, Crossover Quad, Beamlead, B49 Pkg
Diode-Schottky -- MGS905-E45 Diode, Schottky, 4 Junction Bridge Quad, GaAs, E45
Diode-Schottky -- MGR700-11
Diode-Schottky -- MGR701-11
Diode-Schottky -- MGR703-11
Diode-Schottky -- MHS40,02-C13
Diode-Schottky -- MSS20,046-C15
Diode-Schottky -- MX52075-11
Diode, Schottky, Bare Die
Diode-Schottky -- MSS50,146-B10B Diode, Schottky, Beam Lead B10B
Diode-Schottky -- MSS60,444-B42 Diode, Schottky, Beam Lead B42
Diode-Schottky -- MGS903 Diode, Schottky, Beam Lead, Series Tee
Diode-Schottky -- MSS25,141-B10D
Diode-Schottky -- MSS60,144-B10B
Diode, Schottky, Beam Lead
Diode-Schottky -- DMF4102-000 Diode, Schottky, Beamlead, Bridge Quad, X-band, Low Drive
Diode-Schottky -- MSS60,B46-E45 Diode, Schottky, Bridge Quad, Silicon, E45 package
Diode-Schottky -- SMS202 Diode, Schottky, Chipscale, 0503 pkg
Diode-Schottky -- SMS302S Diode, Schottky, Chipscale, Low Barrier, 0402 pkg
Diode-Schottky -- MSS20,146-B10D Diode, Schottky, Detector
Diode-Schottky -- MSS20,046-E25 Diode, Schottky, E25
Diode-Schottky -- MSS30,142-E28 Diode, Schottky, E28
Diode-Schottky -- MSS60,448-E45 Diode, Schottky, E45 package
Diode-Schottky -- MNM202-25 Diode, Schottky, Epoxy Encapsulated, CS25
Diode-Schottky -- MSS60,841-E45 Diode, Schottky, Extra High Barrier
Diode-Schottky -- MGS901-0402 Diode, Schottky, GaAs, 0402
Diode-Schottky -- MGS902-0805-2 Diode, Schottky, GaAs, 0805-2 package
Diode-Schottky -- MGS802 Diode, Schottky, GaAs, Anti-parallel Pair, 700 mv Vf, 5 V Vbr, .10 pf Cj, Flip Chip
Diode-Schottky -- MGS802A Diode, Schottky, GaAs, Anti-parallel Pair, 700 mv Vf, 5 V Vbr, .15 pf Cj, Flip Chip
Diode-Schottky -- MGS904
Diode-Schottky -- MGS904A
Diode, Schottky, GaAs, Beam Lead, 4 Junction Ring-Quad
Diode-Schottky -- MGS908 Diode, Schottky, GaAs, Beam Lead, 8 Junction Bridge-Quad
Diode-Schottky -- MGS905 Diode, Schottky, GaAs, Beam Lead, Bridge-Quad, B86
Diode-Schottky -- MGS901 Diode, Schottky, GaAs, Beam Lead, Single Junction
Diode-Schottky -- MGS902
Diode-Schottky -- MGS906
Diode, Schottky, GaAs, Beam Lead
Diode-Schottky -- MGS912 Diode, Schottky, GaAs, Four Junction, Beam lead
Diode-Schottky -- MGS803 Diode, Schottky, GaAs, Series Tee, Flip Chip
Diode-Schottky -- SMGS11
Diode-Schottky -- SMGS21
Diode, Schottky, GaAs. High Cutoff Frequency
Diode-Schottky -- MGS801
Diode-Schottky -- MGS801A
Diode, Schottky, GaAs
Diode-Schottky -- MSS60,144-H20 Diode, Schottky, H20
Diode-Schottky -- MSS50,048-C15 Diode, Schottky, High Barrier, Silicon, Single Junction, Chip
Diode-Schottky -- MSS50,048-E25 Diode, Schottky, High Barrier, Silicon, Single Junction, E25 Package
Diode-Schottky -- MSS50,146-0402 Diode, Schottky, High Barrier, Single Junction, 0402 package
Diode-Schottky -- MSS30,142-B10B Diode, Schottky, Low Barrier, Silicon Beam Lead, Single Junction
Diode-Schottky -- MSS30,442-E45 Diode, Schottky, Low Barrier, Silicon, Ring Quad
Diode-Schottky -- MNM211-20 Diode, Schottky, Medium Barrier Mixer
Diode-Schottky -- MSS40,141-B10B Diode, Schottky, Medium Barrier, Silicon, Single Junction
Diode-Schottky -- MSS30,448-H47 Diode, Schottky, N Type, H47 package
Diode-Schottky -- MSS50,B46-H40
Diode-Schottky -- MSS60,848-H40
Diode-Schottky -- MSS60,B46-H40
Diode, Schottky, N-Type, Extra High Barrier
Diode-Schottky -- MSS50,046-P55 Diode, Schottky, N-Type, High Barrier, Silicon, P55 package
Diode-Schottky -- MSS40,448-E45
Diode-Schottky -- MSS40,455-E45
Diode, Schottky, N-Type, Medium Barrier, Ring Quad
Diode-Schottky -- MSS40,248-E35R Diode, Schottky, N-Type, Medium Barrier, Series T
Diode-Schottky -- MSS20-142-H20
Diode-Schottky -- MSS39,148-H20
Diode, Schottky, P-Type, Silicon, H20 Package
Diode-Schottky -- MSS60,848-E45 Diode, Schottky, Ring Quad, E45 Package
Diode-Schottky -- MSS30,454-E45 Diode, Schottky, Silicon Ring Quad, E45
Diode-Schottky -- MSS20,141-0402
Diode-Schottky -- MSS20,145-0402
Diode-Schottky -- MSS39,144-0402
Diode-Schottky -- MSS39,146-0402
Diode-Schottky -- MSS39,152-0402
Diode-Schottky -- MSS40,141-0402
Diode-Schottky -- MSS40,148-0402
Diode-Schottky -- MSS40,155-0402
Diode, Schottky, Silicon, 0402
Diode-Schottky -- SMS201 Diode, Schottky, Silicon, 26.5 GHz, DFN
Diode-Schottky -- MSS25,049-C15
Diode-Schottky -- MSS39,048-C15
Diode, Schottky, Silicon, Bare Die
Diode-Schottky -- MSS30,254-E30 Diode, Schottky, Silicon, Beam Lead, Low Barrier
Diode-Schottky -- MSS40,148-B10B Diode, Schottky, Silicon, Beam Lead, Medium Barrier
Diode-Schottky -- MSS20,140-0402
Diode-Schottky -- MSS60,PCR46-B47
Diode, Schottky, Silicon, Beam Lead
Diode-Schottky -- MSS39,045-C15 Diode, Schottky, Silicon, C15 Die
Diode-Schottky -- MGR701-19-1 Diode, Schottky, Silicon, CS19-1
Diode-Schottky -- MSS20,047-E25 Diode, Schottky, Silicon, E25 package
Diode-Schottky -- MSS40,148-E25
Diode-Schottky -- MSS50,146-E25
Diode, Schottky, Silicon, E25
Diode-Schottky -- MSS50,B46-E45 Diode, Schottky, Silicon, E45
Diode-Schottky -- MSS40,455-H40 Diode, Schottky, Silicon, H40
Diode-Schottky -- MSS30,B53-E45R Diode, Schottky, Silicon, Low Barrier, Bridge Quad
Diode-Schottky -- MSS30,242-B20 Diode, Schottky, Silicon, Low Barrier, Series Tee, Beam Lead,Fco 175 GHz
Diode-Schottky -- MSS30,346-B21 Diode, Schottky, Silicon, Low Barrier
Diode-Schottky -- MSS30,248-B20 Diode, Schottky, Silicon, N-Type, Low Barrier, Series T
Diode-Schottky -- MSS30,142-E25 Diode, Schottky, Silicon, N-Type, Low Barrier
Diode-Schottky -- MSS40,045-C15
Diode-Schottky -- MSS40,048-C15
Diode, Schottky, Silicon, N-Type, Medium Barrier
Diode-Schottky -- MSS50,155-0402 Diode, Schottky, Silicon, N-Type, Single Junction, 0402
Diode-Schottky -- MSS39,144-B10B
Diode-Schottky -- MSS39,146-B10D
Diode-Schottky -- MSS39,148-B10B
Diode-Schottky -- MSS39,148-B10D
Diode, Schottky, Silicon, P-Type, Medium Barrier
Diode-Schottky -- MSS39,045-P55 Diode, Schottky, Silicon, P55 Package
Diode-Schottky -- MSS50,448-E45 Diode, Schottky, Silicon, Ring Quad, E45
Diode-Schottky -- MSS30,448-E45 Diode, Schottky, Silicon, Ring Quad
Diode-Schottky -- MSS30,154-B10B Diode, Schottky, Silicon, Single Junction, Beam Lead
Diode-Schottky -- MSS20,140-B10D
Diode-Schottky -- MSS20,141-B10D
Diode, Schottky, Silicon, Zero Bias, Freq Max 40 GHz, Beam Lead
Diode-Schottky -- MSS20,055-E28
Diode-Schottky -- MSS20,146-0402
Diode, Schottky, Silicon, Zero Bias
Diode-Schottky -- MSS39,148-E28 Diode, Schottky, Silicon
Diode-Schottky -- MZB609-50 Diode, Schottky, Zero Bias Detector Diode
Diode-Schottky -- MSS20,047-C15 Diode, Schottky, Zero Bias Detector, Bare Die
Diode-Schottky -- MZB600-19-6 Diode, Schottky, Zero Bias Detector
Diode-Schottky -- MSS20,047-0805-2 Diode, Schottky, Zero Bias, 0805-2 Package
Diode-Schottky -- MSS20,055-E25
Diode-Schottky -- MSS20,055-H27
Diode, Schottky, Zero Bias, Beamlead Package
Diode-Schottky -- MSS20,054-H27 Diode, Schottky, Zero Bias, Ceramic Hermetic SMT
Diode-Schottky -- MSS20,046-H27
Diode-Schottky -- MSS20,050-H27
Diode-Schottky -- MSS20,051-H27
Diode-Schottky -- MSS39,144-H27
Diode-Schottky -- MSS39,146-H27
Diode, Schottky, Zero Bias, H27 package
Diode-Schottky -- MSS20,145-B10D Diode, Schottky, Zero Bias, Silicon, Beam Lead
Diode-Schottky -- MSS20,046-E28 Diode, Schottky, Zero Bias
Diode-Schottky -- DME4102-000
Diode-Schottky -- DMF4101-000
Diode-Schottky -- MSS40,045-P86
Diode-Schottky -- MSS40,048-P86
Diode-Schottky -- MSS50,048-P86
Diode-Schottky -- MSS60,148-E25
Diode-Schottky -- MSS60,153-H27
Diode, Schottky
Diode-Schottky -- MSS39,148-0402 Diode, Silicon Schottky, P-Type, Medium Barrier
Diode-Schottky -- MSS30,B46-B45
Diode-Schottky -- MSS50,B46-B45
Diode-Schottky -- MSS60,B46-B45
Diode, Silicon, Schottky Bridge Quad, Beam Lead
Diode-Schottky -- MSS39,152-H20 Diode, Silicon, Schottky, P-Type, Medium Barrier
Diode-Schottky -- MGS902-0402 Diode,Schottky, GaAs, Anti-parallel Pair, 0402 Pkg
Diode-Schottky -- DMK2790-G4D GaAs Flip Chip Schottky Diode, 20-100GHz Single, active side down
Diode-Schottky -- MX40071E-101 Medium Barrier Schottky Mixer Diode 7.5 dB NF max. @ 9.35 GHz, (Cartridge Package Type)
Diode-Schottky -- MSS40,155-E25 Medium Barrier Silicon Schottky Diode
Diode-Schottky -- MSS20,047-H27 Schottky Diode Beamlead
Diode-Schottky -- MSS20,046-0805-2 Schottky Diode Chip Package
Diode-Schottky -- MSS40,045-P55 Schottky Diode, Medium Barrier, Silicon, P55 Pkg
Diode-Schottky -- SMS3922-517 Schottky Diode
Diode-Schottky -- SMS3940-098 Schottky Quad Mixer Diode - Unsawn Wafer
Diode-Schottky -- DMJ3940-257 Schottky, Beamlead, Octo Ring Quad, S-X-band, High Drive, Epoxy Package
Diode-Schottky -- DMJ4103-000 Schottky, Beamless, Bridge Quad, X-band, High Drive
Diode-Schottky -- SMS3940-099 Silicon Beamless Schottky Diode- diced wafer
Diode-Schottky -- DMJ4771-257 Silicon Schottky BeamLead, KU Band, HighDrive, N-Type
Diode-Schottky -- DME2050-000
Diode-Schottky -- DME2127-000
Diode-Schottky -- DME2207-000
Diode-Schottky -- DME2282-000
Diode-Schottky -- DME2283-000
Diode-Schottky -- DME2284-000
Diode-Schottky -- DME2458-000
Diode-Schottky -- DME2459-000
Diode-Schottky -- DME2829-000
Diode-Schottky -- DME2830-000
Diode-Schottky -- DME2838-000
Diode-Schottky -- DME2858-000
Diode-Schottky -- DMF2182-000
Diode-Schottky -- DMF2183-000
Diode-Schottky -- DMF2185-000
Diode-Schottky -- DMF2186-000
Diode-Schottky -- DMF2187-000
Diode-Schottky -- DMF2344-000
Diode-Schottky -- DMF2454-000
Diode-Schottky -- DMF2820-000
Diode-Schottky -- DMF2822-000
Diode-Schottky -- DMF2827-000
Diode-Schottky -- DMF2828-000
Diode-Schottky -- DMF2834-000
Diode-Schottky -- DMF2837-000
Diode-Schottky -- DMF2848-000
Diode-Schottky -- DMJ2093-000
Diode-Schottky -- DMJ2208-000
Diode-Schottky -- DMJ2209-000
Diode-Schottky -- DMJ2210-000
Diode-Schottky -- DMJ2246-000
Diode-Schottky -- DMJ2303-000
Diode-Schottky -- DMJ2304-000
Diode-Schottky -- DMJ2455-000
Diode-Schottky -- DMJ2823-000
Diode-Schottky -- DMJ2825-000
Diode-Schottky -- DMJ2833-000
Diode-Schottky -- DMJ2836-000
Diode-Schottky -- DMJ2839-000
Skyworks beam-lead silicon Schottky barrier mixer diodes are designed for applications through 40 GHz. The beam-lead design reduces the problem of bonding to the very small area characteristic of the...
Diode-Schottky -- SMS3926-022LF
Diode-Schottky -- SMS3927-098
Skyworks offers a series of low cost devices in a SOT-143 package. They cover low, medium and high barrier junctions as ring quads, crossover quads and bridge quads. An octoquad...
Diode-Schottky -- CDE7618-000
Diode-Schottky -- CDP7624-000
Diode-Schottky -- CME7660-000
Diode-Schottky -- DDB2265-000
Diode-Schottky -- DDB2503-000
Skyworks packaged, beam-lead and chip Schottky barrier detector diodes are designed for applications through 40 GHz in Ka band. They are made by the deposition of a suitable barrier metal...
Diode-Schottky -- CDC7630-000
Diode-Schottky -- CDC7631-000
Diode-Schottky -- DDC2353-000
Diode-Schottky -- DDC2354-000
Skyworks series of packaged, beam-lead and chip zero bias Schottky barrier detector diodes are designed for applications through K band. The choice of barrier metal and process techniques results in...
Diode-Schottky -- CDB7619-000
Diode-Schottky -- CDB7620-000
Diode-Schottky -- CDF7621-000
Diode-Schottky -- CDF7621-997
Diode-Schottky -- CDF7623-000
Skyworks silicon Schottky diode chips are intended for use as detector and mixer devices in hybrid integrated circuits at frequencies from below 100 MHz to higher than 40 GHz. Skyworks...
Diode-Schottky -- DME3927-000
Diode-Schottky -- DME3930-000
Diode-Schottky -- DME3933-000
Diode-Schottky -- DME3936-000
Diode-Schottky -- DME3939-000
Diode-Schottky -- DME3943-000
Diode-Schottky -- DME3946-000
Diode-Schottky -- DMF3926-000
Diode-Schottky -- DMF3929-000
Diode-Schottky -- DMF3932-000
Diode-Schottky -- DMF3935-000
Diode-Schottky -- DMF3938-000
Diode-Schottky -- DMF3942-000
Diode-Schottky -- DMF3945-000
Diode-Schottky -- DMJ3928-000
Diode-Schottky -- DMJ3931-000
Diode-Schottky -- DMJ3934-000
Diode-Schottky -- DMJ3937-000
Diode-Schottky -- DMJ3940-000
Diode-Schottky -- DMJ3947-000
The Beamless Diode family is designed for a high degree of device reliability in both commercial and industrial uses. They are designed to offer the utmost in performance as well...
Diode-Schottky -- SMS3926-099
Diode-Schottky -- SMS3927-099
Diode-Schottky -- SMS3928-099
The Skyworks SMS392x-099 family of Si Schottky diodes are configured as ring quads intended for use in double-balanced mixers. Each ring quad die is comprised of four Schottky junctions, connected...
Diode-Schottky -- SMS3925-040LF The SMS3925 Series are 40 V, 0.6 pF RF Schottky diodes designed for use as level detectors in wireless handsets and for general purpose switching applications. The SMS3925 Series are...
Diode-Schottky -- SMS7621-001LF
Diode-Schottky -- SMS7621-005LF
Diode-Schottky -- SMS7621-006
Diode-Schottky -- SMS7621-006LF
Diode-Schottky -- SMS7621-015
Diode-Schottky -- SMS7621-040LF
These low-cost, surface mountable, plastic packaged silicon mixer Schottky diodes are designed for RF and microwave mixers and detectors. They include low barrier diodes and zero-bias detectors that combine Skyworks...
Diode-Schottky -- SMS3922-001LF
Diode-Schottky -- SMS3922-040LF
Diode-Schottky -- SMS3922-079LF
Diode-Schottky -- SMS3923-040LF
Diode-Schottky -- SMS3923-079LF
Diode-Schottky -- SMS3923-081LF
Diode-Schottky -- SMS3924-005
Diode-Schottky -- SMS3924-040LF
Diode-Schottky -- SMS3924-075LF
Diode-Schottky -- SMS3924-079LF
This series of 8, 20 and 70 V rated low cost plastic packaged Schottky diodes are designed for general purpose use in RF applications as detectors, mixers and switches and...
Diode-Schottky -- MZB604-11 Zero Bias Schottky Detector Diode, CS11

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