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The Infineon PowerBLOCK Dual Diodes (DD Series) Rectifier Diode modules have configurations such as Fast diode, and Rectifier diodes. The pressure contact technology rectifier diode module ranges from 20mm up to 60mm, with voltage ranges up to 1800V and 600A current. The PowerBLOCK Rectifier diode has an electrical insulated base which consists of an isolated copper base plate. They can be used in power controllers, soft starter and drive applications.
PowerBLOCK Housing. Easy mounting. Pressure Contact technology. Fail safe / Short on fail - preventing arcing on fail
Maximum Continuous Forward Current = 89A
Diode Configuration = Series
Number of Elements per Chip = 2
Peak Reverse Repetitive Voltage = 1600V
Mounting Type = Panel Mount
Diode Type = Silicon Junction
Diode Technology = Silicon Junction
Pin Count = 3
Maximum Forward Voltage Drop = 1.5V
Length = 92mm


Infineon Technologies AG
Manufacturer Part Number
Product Category
Diode Arrays
Diode Type
General Purpose; Schottky
Pin Count
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