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Texas Instruments range of Flip-Flops and Latches from the 74LVC Family of Low-voltage CMOS Logic ICs. The 74LVC Family use silicon gate CMOS technology and is designed to operate at 3.3V, allowing a significant reduction in power consumption when compared to 5V systems.
Operating Voltage: 1.65 to 3.6V. 5V tolerant inputs. Compatibility: Input LVTTL/TTL, Output LVCMOS. Latch-up performance exceeds 250 mA per JESD 17. ESD protection exceeds JESD 22
Logic Family = LVC
Logic Function = D Type
Input Type = Single Ended
Output Type = 3 State
Output Signal Type = Single Ended
Triggering Type = Positive Edge
Polarity = Non-Inverting
Mounting Type = Surface Mount
Package Type = TSSOP
Pin Count = 20


Texas Instruments Standard Linear and Logic
Manufacturer Part Number
Product Category
Flip-Flop Type
Positive-edge Triggered
Output Characteristics
3-State; Single Ended
Package Type
Logic Family
Number of Pins
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