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The RN4871 module is based on the IS187x Bluetooth device and provides a complete solution to implement Bluetooth 4.2 Low Energy connectivity. The module is interfaced to a host MCU via a UART serial port using Microchip’s ASCII command set for easy integration into most applications. The module can be dynamically configured by the host MCU with a few simple ASCII commands. The RN4871 also supports on-board scripting to automate basic operations enabling it to stand alone without a host microcontroller.
• RF Frequency Band: 2.402 to 2.480GHz ISM band, channels 0 to 39,• RF Output Power: 0dBm (Bluetooth Class 3),• Receiver Sensitivity: -90dBm,• On-board Bluetooth 4.2 Low-Energy stack,• GAP, GATT, SM, L2CAP and integrated public profiles,• Support for Beacon services such as Apple iBeacon™ and Google Eddystone™,• UART transparent service for serial data streaming,• ASCII Command Interface API over UART,• Scripting engine for host-less operation,• Security: FIPS-based connection security, AES-128 encryption,• Remote configuration Over-the-Air,• Host communication: serial UART with optional CTS/RTS flow control,• Ceramic chip antenna,• Power supply: +1.9 to +3.6Vdc,• Dimensions: 9 x 11.5mm,• Applications: Health/medical devices, Sports activity/fitness, Retail, Beacons, Internet of Things (IoT) sensor tag, Wearables, Industrial control, Smart energy/smart home
123-8536 RN4871-V/RM118 Vsn 1.18 -20 to +70°C,137-2666 RN4871-I/RM128 Vsn 1.28 -40 to +85°C,137-2585 RN4871-I/RM128 Vsn 1.28 -40 to +85°C (Pack of 177)
Bluetooth Version = 4.2
Maximum Output Power = 0dBm
Receiver Sensitivity = -90dBm
Supported Bus Interfaces = AIO, I2C, PIO, UART
Supported I/O Interfaces = AIO, I2C, PIO, UART
Dimensions = 9 x 11.5 x 2.1mm
Height = 2.1mm
Length = 11.5mm
Maximum Operating Temperature = +70°C
Minimum Operating Temperature = -20°C

Microchip Technology, Inc.
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Network and Communication Chips

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