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The XBee 865/868LP RF modules provide long-range wireless connectivity over DigiMesh networks. The XBee 865/868LP is also the industry’s first RF module using 868MHz and surrounding frequencies for LBT + AFA (Listen Before Talk and Adaptive Frequency Agility). This virtually eliminates interference by listening to the radio environment before any transmission starts and automatically shifting to a new channel when interference is detected. This patent-pending frequency scan occurs automatically and in a matter of microseconds so as not to impact performance.
RF Carrier Frequency Range: 863 to 870MHz ISM Band with 30 channels. RF Power Output: up to +12dBm. Receiver Sensitivity: -106dBm @ 10kbps. Range: up to 4km with 2.5dBi dipole antenna (Line of Sight). 32MHz Cortex-M3 EFM32G230 microcontroller with an ADF7023 transceiver. Programmable version also contains an MC9S08QE32 microcontroller. Network topologies: DigiMesh®, Repeater, Point-to-point, Point-to-Multipoint, Peer-to-Peer. Listen Before Talk (LBT) and Adaptive Frequency Agility (AFA). AES-128 encryption. OTA data rate: 80kbps. Host communication: serial UART, SPI. Up to 13 x GPIO. 4 x 10-bit analogue input channels. PCB antenna. U.FL antenna connector. Power supply: +2.7V to +3.6Vdc. Operating temperature range: -40 to +85°C. Applications: Sensor networks, long-range communication for the Internet of Things (IoT). RS Product Codes. 771-6333 XB8-DMUS-002 U.FL antenna. 818-7348 XB8-DMUSB002 Programmable PCB antenna. 906-2732 XB8-DMRS-002 RF pad antenna
Maximum Output Power = +12dBm
Receiver Sensitivity = -106dBm
Supported Bus Interfaces = GPIO, SPI, UART, USB
Supported Network Interfaces = Pan, RS232, RS485
Supply Voltage = 2.7 - 3.6V
Dimensions = 1.33 x 22 x 0.08in
Height = 2.03mm
Length = 22mm
Maximum Operating Temperature = +85°C
Minimum Operating Temperature = -40°C


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