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CoaXPress Networking Chip -- EQCO31R20

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The EQCO31R20 auto adaptive coaxial cable video equalizer is designed for asymmetric bi-directional communication over 75-ohm and 50-ohm coaxial cable. It supports 8b/10 NRZ coding and the CoaXPress® Standard. The EQCO31R20 enables simultaneous downlink, uplink and power over a single coaxial cable

Additional Features

    • 1.25 Gbps to 3.125Gbps Video Downlink
    • Up to 20Mbps Uplink for camera control
    • Supports distance up to 212m @ 1.25Gbps over RG11 Coax
    • Supports distance up to 169m @ 3.125Gbps over RG11 Coax
    • Enables nanosecond precise triggering for camera control
    • Also supports 8b/10b coding up to 3.125Gbps
    • Support power over coax cable up to 900mA DC

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