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White LED Driver with PWM Dimming -- ISL97634IRT14Z-TK

White LED Driver with PWM Dimming -- ISL97634IRT14Z-TK -- View Larger Image
White LED Driver with PWM Dimming -- ISL97634IRT14Z-TK-Image

The ISL97634 represents an efficient and highly integrated PWM boost LED driver that is suitable for LED backlighting in small size LCD panels. With integrated Schottky diode, OVP, and wide range of PWM dimming capability, the ISL97634 provides a simple, reliable, and flexible solution to the backlight designers.
The ISL97634 features a wide range of PWM dimming control capability. It allows dimming frequency as low as DC to 32kHz beyond audible spectrum. The ISL97634 also features a feedback disconnect switch to prevent the output from being modulated by the PWM dimming signal that minimizes system disturbance.
The ISL97634 is available in the 8 Ld TDFN (2mmx3mm) package. There are 14V, 18V, and 26V OVP options that are suitable for various number of LEDs in series. The ISL97634 is specified for operation over the -40°C to +85°C ambient temperature at input voltage from 2.4V to 5.5V.

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IC Interfaces
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LED Driver

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