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6-Channel LED Driver -- ISL97636AIRZ-TK

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The ISL97636A is an integrated power LED driver that controls 6 channels of LED current for LCD backlight applications. The ISL97636A is capable of driving typically 54 (6x9) pieces of 3.5V/30mA or 60 (6x10) pieces of 3.2V/20mA LEDs. The ISL97636A's contains 6 channels of voltage controlled current sources with typical currents matching of ±1%, which compensate for the non-uniformity effect of forward voltages variance in the LED stacks. To minimize the voltage headroom and power loss in the typical multi-strings operation, the ISL97636A features a dynamic headroom control that monitors the highest LED forward voltage string and uses its feedback signal for output regulation.brbr The LED brightness can be pulse width modulated with an applied PWM signal from DC to audio noise free 20kHz.brbr The ISL97636A features extensive protection functions that include string open and short circuit detections, OVP, OTP, thermal shutdown and an optional input overcurrent protection with master fault disconnect switch.brbr Available in the 24 Ld 4mmx4mm QFN, the ISL97636A operates from -40°C to +85°C with input voltage ranges from 6V to 24V for high LEDs count applications.

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IC Interfaces
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LED Driver

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