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A range of AC power control thyristor modules from IXYS. The modules contain two back-to-back thyristors allowing full-wave AC power control. The devices housed in isolated base SOT227B packages and are available with average current ratings of up to 50A, with reverse voltage ratings of 1200V and 1600V.
• Industry standard outline. • Isolated copper baseplate for good heat transfer. • Two-hole screw fixing. • M4 screw terminal connections. • 3000Vac isolation rating
Thyristor Type = SCR
Maximum Gate Trigger Voltage = 1.6V
Maximum Gate Trigger Current = 150mA
Maximum Holding Current = 100mA
Rated Average On-State Current = 40A
Repetitive Peak Reverse Voltage = 1600V
Surge Current Rating = 650A
Mounting Type = Surface Mount
Package Type = SOT-227B
Pin Count = 4


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