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IHS ESDU Design Engineering Methods and Software covers over 1500 flight sciences, aerospace structural design and process engineering topics for design engineers in the commercial aviation, aerospace and defense, petrochemical and energy industries. IHS ESDU provides a comprehensive resource that design engineers rely on to understand, analyze and solve complex problems. Available methods are a compilation of over 70 years of engineering knowledge and best practices validated by subject matter experts drawn from industry, government and academia. IHS ESDU covers a wide range of design topics including aircraft performance, composite design, structural analysis, heat exchanger design, fluid mechanics and more.


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ESDU provides validated engineering design data, methods and software that form an important part of the design process for industry professionals in companies large and small and which are a vital resource for scientists and engineers in research establishments and academic institutions throughout the world. The ESDU product allows you to explore and optimize design solutions so you can validate your final design more quickly and easily.
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