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TOWER WATER Industrial Process Pump Stations

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Cooling towers can be a maintenance nightmare without the proper handling system.

Cooling towers tend to "scour" debris from the air which can result in accumulation and possible clogging in the tower water. As a result, a good water monitoring and treatment program must be implemented. Cooling towers require clean water otherwise they clog and become less efficient.

A closed loop cooling system can provide the solution to this by isolating the tower water from the rest of the cooling system via plate and frame heat exchanger. The cooling tower itself can also introduce problems and a closed loop system ensures that the tower will not contaminate the system coolant nor the process equipment. CyClean separators can be used to eliminate water borne particulate and suspended solids with zero water discharge.

Through the use of a remote tower "sump" reservoir, Dry Coolers can effectively design a cooling tower system for use in colder climates where outside temperatures commonly fall below the freezing point.