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PEEK Polymer Coatings -- VICOTE® F815/ F816 Black

PEEK Polymer Coatings -- VICOTE&#174 F815/ F816 Black -- View Larger Image
PEEK Polymer Coatings -- VICOTE&#174 F815/ F816 Black-Image

The VICOTE F815 and F816Blk grades have been specifically formulated to provide a coating that gives high wear and abrasion resistance combined with excellent release properties that are retained as the coating wears. These properties are retained at high temperatures where other release coatings would potentially fail. VICOTE dispersions have a low level of extractables.

VICOTE F815 and F816Blk dispersions are aqueous based however there are small amounts of solvents present.

VICOTE® is the brand name for the Victrex range of coatings. VICOTE Coatings are available through Victrex or its preferred coater network. Contact Victrex for further details.

Product Category
Industrial Coatings
Coating; Powder Coating; Aqueous Dispersion
Resin; PEEK
Aluminum; Metallic; Steel
Cure / Setting Technology
Cure Temperature
248 F (120 C)

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