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Microetchant -- TechniEtch 1688

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TechniEtch 1688 is an organic acid based copper micro etch engineered to produce optimum adhesion of polymer coatings. TechniEtch 1688 improves yields of fine features with plating resists, etch resists or solder mask, especially where adhesion is critical under harsh conditions like HASL, ENIG, and Immersion Tin. TechniEtch 1688 provides an optimum uniform copper surface appearance desired for AOI detection.

Solder Mask and Dry Film Adhesion: Adhesion is critical as solder mask dams and dry film structures go below 75 microns. The mechanical bond sites created by the TechniEtch 1688 dramatically improve adhesion and the ability for these fine features to survive developing and plating, even with harsh chemical operations like immersion tin and ENIG.

High AOI Yields: TechniEtch 1688 not only provides a consistent surface for AOI, but the resultant color is optimum to eliminate false rejects typical with competitive micro etch chemistry.

High Copper Capacity: For feed and bleed operations, the recommended copper level is 35 gm/l. For batch mode operations, copper can be operated as high as 50 g/l/.

Controllable Low Etch Depth: Typical etch depths are 0.8 to 1.0 microns (~30-40 micro inches). Several studies have been done demonstrating that the surface topography is consistent even with changes in temperature, Cu concentration and equipment set up.

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