Praxair Surface Technologies, Inc. Datasheets for Industrial Coatings

Industrial coatings are thin films deposited upon materials to add or enhance desired properties, such as color, conductivity, corrosion resistance, etc.
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Product Name Notes
SermAlcote® Diffused Aluminide Coating A superior alternative to many industrial pack and vapor-phase aluminizing processes, our SermAlcote® process forms a uniform, oxidation-resistant, diffused aluminide on nickel alloys. This dip-applied slurry can help you...
Coating Slurries Based on water or solvent, or a hybrid of both, our more than 175 coating slurries are designed to address all your corrosion, oxidation, wear, insulation and release needs. Our...
HVOF: CoreGard™ Coating CoreGardTM coatings offer lasting protection for internal diameters with longer lengths. The REACH-compliant coating prevents abrasion and erosion on parts such as cylinders, pipes, sleeves, and tubes. The coating...
Chemical Vapor Deposition (CVD) Coatings During the CVD process, parts and reacting gas are placed in a chamber at a high temperature to form a surface layer coating by absorption or accumulation. The process is...
HVOF: ExoGard™ Coating ExoGardTM coatings are dense, thin, and smooth coatings designed to provide corrosion and wear protection equivalent to chrome plating. These coatings are REACH-compliant, environmentally-friendly coatings that provide wear protection...
SermaLoy™ Diffusion Coatings In the SermaLoy™ process, a slurry is applied to the component surface, then diffused. The result is an aluminide-diffusion coating that adheres tightly to the part surface and is very...
TruForm™ Cobalt Powders -- 188
TruForm™ Cobalt Powders -- 509 (Co-222)
TruForm™ Cobalt Powders -- CoCr (Co-538)
TruForm™ Iron Powders -- 15-5 (Fe-347)
TruForm™ Iron Powders -- 17-4 (Fe-276)
TruForm™ Iron Powders -- 316 (Fe-271)
TruForm™ Iron Powders -- MS (Fe-339)
TruForm™ Nickel Powders -- 142 (Ni-365)
TruForm™ Nickel Powders -- 230 (Ni-1287)
TruForm™ Nickel Powders -- 247 (Ni-335)
TruForm™ Nickel Powders -- 617 (Ni-1066)
TruForm™ Nickel Powders -- 625 (Ni-328)
TruForm™ Nickel Powders -- 718 (Ni-202)
TruForm™ Nickel Powders -- 738 (Ni-284)
TruForm™ Nickel Powders -- 914 (Ni-914)
TruForm™ Nickel Powders -- 939 (Ni-238)
TruForm™ Nickel Powders -- HX (Ni-111)
TruForm™ Titanium Powders -- 4822 (Ti-4822)
TruForm™ Titanium Powders -- 6242 (Ti-301)
TruForm™ Titanium Powders -- 64-23 (Ti-123)
TruForm™ Titanium Powders -- 64-5 (Ti-105)
Look to Praxair Surface Technologies for TruForm metal powders, know-how, resources, and supply to turn your AM dreams into reality. Full line of cobalt, iron, nickel, and titanium powders.
Electron Beam Physical Vapor Deposition (EBPVD) Coatings Our EBPVD technology allows us to create high-performing thermal barrier coatings (TBCs) with fine columnar microstructures that are highly tolerant to lateral strain. Typical applications include aero-engine and industrial gas...
SermaGard® Composite Coatings Our SermaGard® composite coatings are composed of various binders combined with metallic, ceramic or thermoplastic materials. Our predominant binder system is a unique, water-based, inorganic material that cures at a...
Diffused Slurry Coating Our SermaLoy® slurry-applied aluminide-diffusion coatings are designed to protect gas turbine hot section components and industrial components from hot corrosion. Applied to the component surface and then diffused, these...
Plasma Spray Coating Plasma-sprayed coatings, invented by Praxair Surface Technologies, are created by heating and accelerating powder material in a high-temperature plasma stream and projecting it against the surface. Standard production coatings include...
SermaLon™ Multilayer Coatings The SermaLon™ coating system is our patented multilayer coating known for its unique capability to resist aqueous corrosion and fouling in gas compressors and industrial gas and steam turbine components.
SermeTel™ Inorganic Coatings The SermeTelTM process bonds inorganic coatings with metal substrates to form a ceramic-metallic (cermet) composite layer that provides unparalleled protection against aqueous corrosion, heat scaling, erosion, abrasion and wear. Used...
Vapor Phase Diffusion Coating Vapor phase diffusion is similar to pack diffusion in that it uses vapor transport. However, the powder source is farther from the parts. This process also allows for vapor to...
Pack Diffusion Coating We provide both pack aluminide and pack chromide services in which parts are placed between layers of powder in a furnace tray or “boat.” The process is referred to as...
Cathodic Arc Physical Vapor Deposition (CAPVD) Coatings We use CAPVD to deposit ultra-hard wear-, corrosion- and erosion-resistant thin film coatings on precision parts. This extremely versatile process allows the deposition of pure metals, metal nitrides, carbides and...
Carbide/Cermet Coating
Ceramic Coating
Ceramic-Metallic (Cermet) Coating
Cermet/Diffusion Coating
Fluoropolymer Coating
Metal/Alloy Coating
Metal/Diffusion Coating
Metal/MCrAIY Coating
Polymer Coating
We’ve spent more than 50 years developing coatings that address the challenges you face every day. No matter your industry, application or location, we have the right coating to meet...