PPG Protective & Marine Coatings Datasheets for Industrial Coatings

Industrial coatings are thin films deposited upon materials to add or enhance desired properties, such as color, conductivity, corrosion resistance, etc.
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Product Name Notes
PITT-CHAR® -- The Ultimate Solution For Extreme Hydrocarbon Fire Scenarios
PSX® -- High-performance - Engineered Siloxane
SIGMA ALPHAGEN® -- Tin-free, Self-polishing Antifouling For Maintenance And Repair
SIGMA AQUACOVER™ -- Superior Waterborne Coatings Ensuring Consistent Performance
SIGMA AQUACOVER™ -- Water-borne Acrylic Glossy Finish
SIGMA AQUAWELD® -- Waterborne Shop Primer And Proven Performance
SIGMA NEXEON™ 750 -- High-activity Antifouling – Reduced Environmental Impact
SIGMA VIKOTE™ -- Cost-effective Range For Excellent Anticorrosive Protection And Superb Aesthetics
SIGMACOVER™ -- Durable Epoxy Coatings Is Designed To Deliver Outstanding Corrosion Protection For Both New Construction And Maintenance Of Major Assets
SIGMACOVER™ -- Two-component, Solvent-free Amine Cured Epoxy Filler
SIGMADUR™ -- Long-lasting Surface Aesthetics And Durable Protection
SIGMADUR™ -- New-generation, High-solids Polymeric Urethane Finish
SIGMAFAST™ -- Improved Efficiency And Productivity Through Speed Of Cure
SIGMAGLIDE® -- Advanced Biocide-free Pure Silicone Finish – Marine Life Friendly
SIGMAGUARD™ -- Solvent-based, Phenolic Epoxy Maintenance Coating For Use With Tank Coating Systems
SIGMALINE -- Superior Protection Whether Pipes Are Thermally Insulated, Buried Or Submerged
SIGMAPRIME® -- Multipurpose Anticorrosive Epoxy Coatings
SIGMAPRIME® -- Two-component, Multi-purpose, Anticorrosive Epoxy System
SIGMARINE™ -- Finishing Coat Based On An Alkyd-modified Petroleum Resin For Use In Dry Cargo Holds
SIGMARINE™ -- Single-pack Alkyds For The Protection Of Steel Structures
SIGMASHIELD™ -- Heavy-duty, Reinforced Coatings
SIGMASHIELD™ -- Premium Solvent-free, Epoxy Phenolic Coating Has Been Specifically Designed For Ice-going And Ice-breaking Vessels
SIGMATHERM™ -- High-quality, High-performance, Heat-resistant Coatings
SIGMATHERM™ -- Reliable, Versatile And Effective Protection
SIGMAWELD™ -- Prefabrication Primers
SIGMAWELD™ -- Versatile Prefabrication Primer Range
SIGMAZINC™ -- High-quality Zinc Primer
SIGMAZINC™ -- Proven, Long-term Performance In The Most Aggressive Environments
STEELGUARD™ -- Superior Cellulosic Fire Protection Solution
High-performance, tin-free antifouling system SIGMA ALPHAGEN is the family name of a range of tin-free, self-polishing antifoulings, based upon a pure organic binder system. The SIGMA ALPHAGEN range has built...
NOVAGUARD™ 260 -- Solvent-free, Phenolic Epoxy Coating Combines Good Chemical Resistance, Pit Filling Plus Environmental And Safety Benefits
PHENGUARD™ -- Phenolic Epoxy Tank Coating System, Providing Maximum Resistance
Leading range of world-class, cargo tank coatings NOVAGUARD products are part of the SIGMAGUARD™ tank coatings range and designed to increase cargo tanker flexibility, enabling carriers to take maximum advantage...
PPG Electrodeposition Coatings -- Acrylic-urethane Transparent Clear And Colour Electropaints
PPG Engineered Products -- Forming Lubricants And Rust Inhibitors
PPG Liquid Coatings -- Two-component Urethane Coatings Deliver Superior Corrosion Protection
PPG Powder Coatings -- Acrylic Powder Coatings
PPG Pretreatment -- Heavy-duty, Dual-action, Iron-phosphate Cleaner-coater
PPG Ultraviolet and ElectroBeam Coatings -- Uv Coatings Are Made Of 100% Solids And Contain No Water And No Solvent
Customized formulations and superior electrocoating consultation for an efficient painting process. An electrocoating system applies a charge to a metal part that is immersed in a coating bath. The process...
Durethane® DTM -- Durethane Dtm Mastic - 95-3300 Series Durethane DTM is a direct-to-metal urethane mastic coating ideal for use in both interior and exterior application. Chemically resistant and extremely durable, Durethane DTM is formulated to provide excellent corrosion...
Amerlock 400 GF -- High Solids Epoxy Coating
Amerlock Sealer -- 100% Solids Epoxy Sealer
Amerlock Sealer -- 100% Solids Epoxy Sealer
Amershield -- High-build, High Gloss Aliphatic Polyurethane
Dimetcote 302 H -- Reinforced Inorganic Zinc Primer
Dimetcote 9 -- Zinc-rich Load, Solvent-based Inorganic Zinc
High Solids Epoxy Coating
Amercoat 220 -- Semi-gloss Waterborne Acrylic
Amercoat 235 -- Multi-purpose Phenalkamine-cured Epoxy
Amercoat 240 -- Multi-purpose Edge-retentive Epoxy
Amercoat 253 -- High-solids, Epoxy Novolac Tank Lining
Amercoat 370 -- Fast-dry / Low Temperature - Cure Multi-purpose Epoxy
Amercoat 385 -- Multi-purpose Polyamide-cured Epoxy
Amercoat 450H -- Thin-film, Gloss Aliphatic Polyurethane
Amercoat 5105 -- Alkyd Primer
Amercoat 5450 -- Alkyd Gloss Enamel
Amercoat 68 HS -- Zinc-rich Epoxy Primer
Amercoat 878 -- High-heat Silicone Aluminum Coating
Amercoat 90 HS -- Modified Phenolic Epoxy Tanklining
Amercoat ABC 3 -- High-performance Tin-free Antifouling With High Level Of Cuprous Oxide For Long-life Fouling Protection
Amercoat ABC 4 -- Tin-free Self-polishing Antifouling With Balanced Level Of Cuprous Oxide For Economical Fouling Protection
High-performance tin-free antifouling with high level of cuprous oxide for long-life fouling protection
MegaSeal CF -- Megaseal Self-leveling Floor Coatings
Pitt-Tech Plus -- Pitt-tech Plus Enamels Low Voc Dtm Industrial Enamels
Pitt-Tech Plus Enamels are 100% acrylic waterborne coatings developed for direct-to-metal application. Pitt-Tech Plus provides excellent corrosion protection, chemical and impact resistance in light to moderate industrial applications with a...
Amercoat 185 H -- Universal Single-pack Primer
Amercoat 229T -- Epoxy Acrylic Gloss Coating
Amercoat 450HSG -- Thin-film, Semi-gloss Aliphatic Polyurethane
Amercoat DSP 3 -- Water-based Inorganic Zinc Silicate Pcp
Amercoat PSX 700 -- Special Engineered Epoxy Siloxane. Replaces Epoxy/pu System.
Amerlock 400 AL -- Fast Dry, Surface Tolerant, High Solids Epoxy Coating
Water-based inorganic zinc silicate PCP