ADSIL Inc. Datasheets for Industrial Coatings

Industrial coatings are thin films deposited upon materials to add or enhance desired properties, such as color, conductivity, corrosion resistance, etc.
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Product Name Notes
HVAC/R Coil & Fin Protective Treatment -- AD35 Application onto air handling equipment, resists corrosive environments
Hard Tile Clear Gloss Treatment -- AD708 Coats smooth, hard tile surfaces
Anti-Graffiti Clear Surface Treatment -- AD00 Effective barrier facilitates easy removal of most common forms of graffiti
Concrete Clear Gloss Treatment -- AD703 Ideal for maximum chemical resistance, water resistant
Concrete Clear Waterproofing Sealer -- AD702 Seals and mitigates water vapor transmission on concrete floors
Anti-Skid Floor Media Additive -- AD5-050 Tough, skid resistant finish
Corrosion Protector Clear Treatment -- AD95 Used on stainless/non-ferrous metal, arrests formation of corrosion