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Large Label Mounting -- Adjutant Press

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Gluefast's Adjutant Press for Large Label, Print, Poster, and Photo Mounting

The Adjutant Press is the final adhesive application equipment used in Gluefast’s efficient large mounting system to ensure a wrinkle-free bond. Effectively eliminating air bubbles or wrinkles, the Adjutant Press is suitable for a broad range of adhesive applications such as labeling or print, poster, and photo mounting in industrial and commercial operations.

Standard Features of the Adjutant Press Mounting Machine Include:

  • Upper Rubber Roller & Lower Metal Roller
  • Available in 20”, 32”, and 42” Roller Widths
  • Smoothes Materials up to 1 - 1/8” Thick
  • Variable speed control standard for 115 volt systems
    (220 volt motors optional)
  • Adjustable Pressure Control

How to Use the Adjutant Press Adhesive Application Equipment
After running the board stock, label, print, poster, or photo through the Colonel Gluer, the combined paper and board stock is positioned together and fed through the Adjutant Press. This adhesive applicator applies uniform pressure to the materials being mounted. When complete, the mounted piece is then placed in a stack to dry.

Even pressure is an important aspect in adhesive labeling and mounting applications. By applying adequate pressure, the mounting press helps squeeze out air between the adhesive, paper, and mounting board for a strong bond and a professional appearance. Whether you are mounting a substrate to a mat board, foam core, or other board stock, the Adjutant Press system can be adjusted to apply just the right amount of pressure to get the job done.

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