BluePrint Automation, Inc. Datasheets for Packaging Machines

Packaging machines are used to package products or components, including equipment that forms, fills, seals, wraps, cleans and packages at different levels of automation.
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Product Name Notes
Secondary Packaging -- Seal Checker A compression seal check unit, measuring each bag twice for thickness, once before and once after application of load.
Palletizer Automatically Palletizing Increases Efficiency!
Secondary Packaging -- VERTICAL PACKER - F III Case packer for high-speed vertical packing of flexible bags; Ideal for bags of frozen foods such as potato products and other heavier frozen and fragile products.
Secondary Packaging -- MGC Case packs almost any type of lay-down (horizontal) pattern; ideal for frozen vegetables, granular products and other free flowing, heavier packages.
Secondary Packaging -- VERTICAL HORIZONTAL PACKER - F Case packs flexible bags standing up (vertical) and lying down (horizontal) on the same machine. Ideal for packing bags of frozen potato products such as retail and service food bags...
Secondary Packaging -- Case Closer Closes a variety of case sizes and changes over with a simple touch of a button.
Secondary Packaging -- Semi-Automatic Collator Collator stacks and accumulates bags and other flexible packages vertically for hand packer. Ideal for snack food bags such as potato chips, pretzels and other flexible packages.
Secondary Packaging -- Case Erector Fully erects a variety of case sizes and changes over with a simple touch of a button.
Secondary Packaging -- Rotary Gate Packer Gravity case packs a wide variety of rugged products directly into the secondary container; ideal for bags of fresh or frozen vegetables, IQF chicken/beef and a wide variety of other...
Secondary Packaging -- Product Conditioning Our product in-feed unit, Model PF comes complete with specially designed square rollers for product conditioning and optional free product detection.
Secondary Packaging -- Case Weigher The full case enters the case scale, and is lifted from the in-feed conveyor to minimize erroneous errors to the load cell. When an over/under case is detected (cases are...
Secondary Packaging -- Compactor The LCF uses gentle but persistent vibration throughout the operation to settle the product. The automatic feed-triggered cycle positions the case, closes the end-flaps, and applies adjustable pressure to square...
Primary Packaging The product (just produced, sterilized, deep frozen out of the freezer or from storage) can be unscrambled and brought in-line. If necessary we can unscramble and get the product into...
Secondary Packaging -- Rainbow Feeder Unscrambles and feeds flexible packed product coming from bulk storage at high speeds.
Primary Packaging -- Rainbow Feeder Unscrambles and feeds product coming from bulk storage at high speeds.
Secondary Packaging -- Bag Control Systems When product needs to be turned prior to being case packed, BluePrint Automation has the solution.