Steam Traps from Watson McDaniel Company

Float and Thermostatic Steam Trap -- 2" FT-78


The FT Series float and thermostatic steam traps are used for HVAC and light industrial process applications, and can be applied to unit heaters, water heaters, pressing machines, heat exchangers, and coils. These traps have excellent air removal capability making them an excellent choice for HVAC and process applications requiring quick start-up. Float and thermostatic steam traps have a float and thermostatic element that work together to remove both condensate and air from the steam system. The float, which is attached to a valve, opens when condensate enters the trap. Air is discharged through the thermostatic air vent to the outlet side of the trap. The thermostatic air vent closes when steam enters the trap.

Product Category
Steam Traps
Operating Specifications
Operating Pressure
75 psi (52.78 m H2O)
7550 lbs/hr (34240 kg/hr)
Steam Trap Type

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