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The electronic position indicators from Elesa are designed for you to read the settings and outputs on machinery and equipment requiring adjustment using rotating shafts or lead screws.,The visualisation parameters can be set and modified by the operator using the appropriate keys: --values displayed in mm, inches or degrees --display of mode for use (absolute or incremental mode) --reading orientation (right or reverse).
The high protection degree, IP 65 or IP67, makes the indicator suitable for applications that require frequent washing, even with intense water jets.
Transparent window protects the LCD display against accidental shocks,Keyboard resistant to solvents, alcohol, acids and alkalis,Indicator shows when battery needs replacing
Motion = Revolution
Number of Digits = 5
Digit Height = 8 mm
Reset Method = Manual
Audible Alarm = No Alarm
Direction Of Rotation = Left Hand
Shaft Speed Maximum = 1000rpm
Drive Shaft Diameter = 19mm

Manufacturer Part Number
Product Category
Mechanical Counters

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