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An independentaffiliate of NACE International, the NACE International Institute focuses oncertification activities and supports the growth of corrosion control expertsand businesses worldwide. With more than 20 certifications in various subjectareas, the Institute currently has more than 35,000 certification holders,making it the most globally recognized and specified.

Why shouldyou earn a NACE certification?

  • Gainrecognition through earning certification, which demonstrates your technicalskills, knowledge, and proficiency to employers and peers
  • Showemployers that you're invested in your career and committed to the industry
  • Meet thespecifications and hiring requirements of employers worldwide

AvailableCertification Programs:

  • CathodicProtection
  • CoatingInspection (including: Bridge, Marine, and Nuclear specialties)
  • GeneralCoatings (including: protective coating, shipboard corrosion assessment)
  • GeneralCorrosion (including: offshore corrosion assessment, refining)
  • Pipeline(including: internal corrosion, pipeline corrosion integrity management)
  • Specialty(including: chemical treatment, material selection/design, MR0175)

Company Information
NACE International, The Worldwide Corrosion Authority, serves 36,000+ members in more than 130 countries and is recognized globally as the premier authority for corrosion control solutions. An independent affiliate of NACE International, the NACE International Institute focuses on certification activities.
Consulting / Training; Certification; Corrosion Profesional Certification
Certification Level
Quality / Management Systems; Services; Personnel Certification

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