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DESIGN FOR ASSEMBLY – Free Printed Circuit Board Inspection

Our finely tuned, free, DFA process reduces assembly time by a full week, and helps to ensure your boards work perfectly the very first time.


While parts are still being procured, design data is extracted from the Gerbers, XYRS and BOM files and used to create a PDF image.

Next, our engineering team reviews the design to verify part fit and rotation. Almost all potential errors are caught and corrected prior to assembly, including:

  • Missing Polarity Markings
  • Part Rotation
  • Package to Footprint Fit
  • Part Spacing
  • BOM and XYRS Comparison

Customers are notified if errors are found and given the opportunity to confirm final designs.

This free printed circuit board inspection process prevents costly delays, ultimately reducing circuit board assembly time by a full week, on average.


We have close partnerships with the top component and board suppliers in the industry, so we can streamline your entire PCB process. Our turnkey PCB assembly process means:

  • No need for multiple vendors, pieces or parts.
  • One purchase order and one price.
  • No worrying whether you have the right number of parts.
  • Smoother, more efficient assembly.
  • We are accountable for the entire process!

To ensure perfect operational functionality straight out of the box, Advanced Assembly’s unique First Article Service lets engineers test their design before their full run. This method of low volume circuit board assembly is a perfect way to ensure all possibilities are accounted for before you move forward with full assembly.


We have assembled over 40,000 unique designs in the last decade and we’re always looking for more. Due to our advanced operational capacity and nearly limitless flexibility, we can take on more than anyone else in the industry, while still producing the highest quality boards.

Advanced Assembly’s Full Operating Capabilities Include:

  • Low to Mid-Volume Board Assembly
  • Larger Quantity Board Assembly
  • SMT and Thru-Hole
  • Press Fits
  • Parts in Any Format
  • ISO 9001:2015
  • Passives Down to 01005
  • Ball Grid Array (BGAs) and VFBGA
  • Box Build
  • Leadless Chip Carriers / CSP
  • Double-Sided SMT Assembly
  • Fine Pitch to 08 Mils
  • BGA Repair and Reball
  • Part Removal and Replacement
  • Printed Circuit Boards: smallest 0.25″ x 0.25″
  • Printed Circuit Boards: largest 20″ x 24″
  • RoHS and Leaded
  • Flying probe, 3D BGA X-Ray and functional testing


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Once upon a time, engineers had nowhere to turn for help assembling their prototypes and low-volume PCBs. Advanced Assembly changed that in 2004 with a new way to assemble just a few boards in 3 days or less – Quick Turn PCB Assembly. We have assembled over 40,000 unique designs in the last decade for some of the largest and most innovative tech companies in the world, including many Fortune 500 organizations.
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Agency Compliance Testing; Analytical Laboratory Testing; Functional Testing
Flexible PCB Assembly; Rigid-Flexible PCB Assembly; Through Hole Assembly; Surface Mount Assembly; Single-sided Boards, Double-sided Boards, Multi-Layer Boards; Printed Circuit Board Assembly
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Prototype / Low Volume; Mid Volume; High Volume; Quick Turn
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