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The water-cooled VRV® (VRV-WIII) offers an energy saving alternative to traditional centralized equipment.
VRV®-WIII systems are equivalent to 4-pipe chilled water systems, but also offer a viable alternative to Water-Source Heat Pump solutions. Each connected indoor unit can provide heating and cooling independently to suit zone requirements making these systems suitable for both open plan, or cellular applications with different operation requirements.
Industry leading compact lightweight casing: Height: 39-3/8, Weight: 330 lbs.
Large capacity (6 to 21-Ton): ensures wider application range for satisfying floor-by-floor loads of commercial buildings.
Continuous operation at 59°F entering condenser water temperature; intermittent operation as low as 50°F thus suitable for low ambient temperature.
No rebalancing of water systems if commissioning valves are installed on each floor
Connects to the full suite of advanced Daikin control solutions including Intelligent Touch Controller and I-Manager III
Can be integrated to open protocol building management systems via the Daikin BACnet® and LonWorks® interfaces
Connection type: ODF

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Air Conditioners
Ductless / Split; Split

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