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VRV is a commercially applied heating and cooling system that distributes refrigerant, rather than water, to multiple fan coil units serving the conditioned spaces. The natural attributes of a VRV system position it as an alternative to a chiller system.
At the core of the VRVIII-S® system is built-in intelligence that gives you precise temperature control in every room, maximum flexibility and energy savings. With the ability to connect up to five indoor units to one compact, yet powerful, outdoor unit, the space-saving VRVIII-S® system is ideal for most residential or light commercial projects, from single-family homes to multi-family townhouses, small offices and retail stores.
Noise-reducing air inlet bell mouth and aero spiral fan: bell mouth guides and bent-edge fan blades also reduce turbulence.
DC fan motor: improves efficiency compared to conventional AC motors, especially during low-speed rotation.
Super aero grille: spiral-shaped ribs align with direction of discharge flow to minimize turbulence and reduce noise.
Reluctance brushless DC compressor: significantly increases efficiency over AC inverter motors by using both normal and reluctance torque to produce extra power from small electric currents.
e-Bridge Circuit: increases evaporative capacity by adding super cooling prior to expansion cycle. This prevents accumulation of refrigerant in the condenser for greater energy efficiency.
i-Demand Function: optimizes energy consumption by using a current sensor to minimize the difference between actual and predefined power consumption.
e-Pass heat exchanger: improves operating efficiency by preventing heat transfer from the overheated gas section of the sub-cooled liquid section.
Connection type: MFL

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