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The Rittal TopTherm ‘Blue e’ cooling unit is a high-performance thermoelectric light-weight unit featuring an eco-mode control function for demand-orientated climate control. The unit utilises the Peltier effect to achieve high accuracy and low power consumption whilst minimising moving parts â€" in turn increasing lifespan and reducing maintenance needs. The Rittal TopTherm Blue e cooling unit also uses an intelligent operating system â€" stopping and starting fans as required to maintain accurate temperatures, whilst saving energy. Additionally, existing parts from previous models have been streamlined to yield greater energy efficiency.
Efficient eco-mode control. Ideal for cooling down small enclosures and panels. 100 watt cooling capacity. USB interface for temperature parameter customisation. Modular performance upgrades. Easily scaled. Flexible installation. Very few moving parts, reducing maintenance needs and vibration. Optimal operating point of the Peltier elements due to pulse width moderation. High energy efficiency. Separate internal and external circuit protection. Accessories are available
Air Flow = 310 m³/h, 345 m³/h
Noise Level = 61dB
Input Power Rating = 380W
Supply Voltage = 230 V ac
Dimensions = 550 x 280 x 200mm
Depth = 200mm
Height = 550mm
Width = 280mm


Rittal North America LLC
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SK 3303500
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Air Conditioners
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