Allied Electronics, Inc. Datasheets for Air Conditioners

Air conditioners and building air conditioners are used in industrial, process computing, networking, and other spaces where thermal management is important.  Space and spot cooling equipment are used wherever total heat must be controlled or where localized heat sources must be managed.  Many refrigerants are used in air conditioners; CFC-free refrigerants are becoming more prevalent and in fact are required in many applications.
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Product Name Notes
AIR CONDITIONER;INDOOR;1500/1800 BTU/HR;110/115V;50/60HZ;6.6/6.7 A;TYPE 12/3R/4 -- 70067468
AIR CONDITIONER;INDOOR;1500/1800 BTU/HR;220/230V;50/60HZ;4.2/3.7 A;TYPE 12/3R/4 -- 70067469
AIR CONDITIONER;INDOOR;800/1000 BTU/HR;115V;50/60HZ;4.0/4.0 A;TYPE 12/3R/4 -- 70067466
AIR CONDITIONER;INDOOR;800/1000 BTU/HR;230V;50/60HZ;2.2/2.1 A;TYPE 12/3R/4 -- 70067467
M13 and M17 Units Stock models are equipped with a thermostat control that offers convenient digital display of enclosure temperature and high temperature alarm (125°F/52°C). Flashing display indicates alarm condition.
AIR CONDITIONER;INDOOR;2200/2200 BTU/HR;115V;50/60HZ;9.8/9.0 A;TYPE 12/3R/4 -- 70067470
AIR CONDITIONER;INDOOR;3700/4000 BTU/HR;115V;50/60HZ;13.0/13.2 A;TYPE 12/3R/4 -- 70067474
AIR CONDITIONER;INDOOR;3800/4000 BTU/HR;115V;50/60HZ;14.6/14.0 A;TYPE 12/3R/4 -- 70067472
M28, M33 and M36 Units Features: Robust Reciprocating Compressor R134A or R407c Earth-Friendly Refrigerant and RoHS Compliant Models for 115, 230 and 460 Single-Phase VAC Power Input UL Listed or...
AIR CONDITIONER;OUTDOOR;6310/6680 BTU/HR;115V;50/60HZ;9.2/8.6 A;TYPE 4/GR-487 -- 70067490 T15, T20 and T29 Units Stock models are equipped with head pressure control for low ambient operation, compressor heater, coated condenser coil, malfunction switch, thermostat, and heater package. Features: Filter...
Portable Air Conditioning Unit; Self Contained; 120V; 12,000BTU; R410 refrig -- 70101541 Deliver Convenient, Efficient Cooling Where You Need It Tripp Lite's SRCOOL12K is a new-generation air conditioner designed for supplemental area cooling, emergency cooling and off-hour cooling applications. Compact and portable,...