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A range of short cobalt drills (steel quality HSCo 8% Co) with cylindrical shank and flat face. The shank diameter tolerance class is H6 and the cutting diameter is K10. Helix geometry is 30° right-handed and the cutting angle is 12°. Specially designed for finishing work. 2 mm to ∅ 6 mm inch diameter hole cutters are available in C247 and C200 from a ∅ of 6.5 mm.
Cutter Diameter = 2.5mm
Cut Length = 8mm
Number of Flutes = 4
Material = HSCo
Overall Length = 52 mm
Shank Type = Weldon
Shank Diameter = 6 mm
Centre Cutting = Yes
Diameter Tolerance = k10

Product Category
Milling Cutters
Cutter Type
Size Specifications
0.098 inch (2.5 mm)
0.236 inch (6.0 mm)

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Flutes / Edges

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