Allied Electronics, Inc. Datasheets for Enclosure Air Conditioners

Enclosure air conditioners remove the heat generated by electronic devices from the inside of cabinets or enclosures.
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Product Name Notes
AIR CONDITIONER;INDOOR;1500/1800 BTU/HR;110/115V;50/60HZ;6.6/6.7 A;TYPE 12/3R/4 -- 70067468
AIR CONDITIONER;INDOOR;1500/1800 BTU/HR;220/230V;50/60HZ;4.2/3.7 A;TYPE 12/3R/4 -- 70067469
AIR CONDITIONER;INDOOR;800/1000 BTU/HR;115V;50/60HZ;4.0/4.0 A;TYPE 12/3R/4 -- 70067466
AIR CONDITIONER;INDOOR;800/1000 BTU/HR;230V;50/60HZ;2.2/2.1 A;TYPE 12/3R/4 -- 70067467
M13 and M17 Units Stock models are equipped with a thermostat control that offers convenient digital display of enclosure temperature and high temperature alarm (125°F/52°C). Flashing display indicates alarm condition.