Calumet Carton Company Datasheets for Shipping Containers and Shipping Cases

Shipping containers and shipping cases include bags, boxes, buckets, barrels, ISO containers, crates, trunks and other vessels for transporting materials.
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Product Name Notes
Expand-A-Mailers -- 1G
Expand-A-Mailers -- 2G
Expand-A-Mailers -- 3G
Expand-A-Mailers -- 4G
Expand-A-Mailers are designed for those situations when you’re sending out thick, bulky items, like books, spiral bound manuals and catalogs. They are also the perfect mailer for odd-size or unique...
Stayflats® White Mailers -- 1 SFW
Stayflats® White Mailers -- 10 SFW
Stayflats® White Mailers -- 11 SFW 50
Stayflats® White Mailers -- 12 SFW
Stayflats® White Mailers -- 2 SFW
Stayflats® White Mailers -- 27 SFW
Stayflats® White Mailers -- 3 SFW
Stayflats® White Mailers -- 4 SFW
Stayflats® White Mailers -- 5 SFW
Stayflats® White Mailers -- 6 SFW
Stayflats® White Mailers -- 7 SFW
Stayflats® White Mailers -- 9 SFW
For over 50 years, Stayflats mailers have provided a superior way to keep mailing pieces flat during shipping. Made of 100% Recycled Clay Coated Newsboard paperboard, they are a Green,...
Delivery & Signature Confirmation Mailing Boxes -- CFM-DOC
Delivery & Signature Confirmation Mailing Boxes -- CFM-FBS
Delivery & Signature Confirmation Mailing Boxes -- CFM-FBX
Delivery & Signature Confirmation Mailing Boxes -- CFM-LTR
Delivery & Signature Confirmation Mailing Boxes -- CFM-SM
If you send out small packages (under 13 ounces) and would like to verify delivery, then the ConfirMailerTM is for you! Our ConfirMailersTM allow you to send small parcels through...
Electronic Media Mailers -- EDCM
Electronic Media Mailers -- EJCM
Electronic Media Mailers -- SJCM
Electronic Media Mailers -- VCM
Looking for an alternative to bulky, hard to store bubble-lined mailing bags? Our line of Electronic Media Mailers is the answer. All Media Mailers are made from strong E-Flute Corrugated,...
CD Sleeve -- 1S
DVD and CD Sleeve -- 50 PSW
Windowed CD Sleeve -- 1WS
Looking for an alternative to plastic cases that crack? Or, poly sleeves that provide very little protection for your disc? Here’s the perfect solution – Our line of CD and...
Stayflats Utility™ Mailer -- 0U
Stayflats Utility™ Mailer -- 1U
Stayflats Utility™ Mailer -- 2U
Stayflats Utility™ Mailer -- 4U
Stayflats Utility™ Mailer -- 5U
Stayflats Utility™ Mailer -- 6U
Stayflats Utility™ Mailer -- 7U
Our NEW Stayflats Utility™ Mailer…Economical and Lightweight for shipping non-fragile items! A “Green” alternative to plastic bag mailers!. Lightweight (made from .015” Tan Chip*) – designed to help reduce your...
Stayflats Lite™ -- 1 SL
Stayflats Lite™ -- 10 SL
Stayflats Lite™ -- 15 SL
Stayflats Lite™ -- 19 SL
Stayflats Lite™ -- 2 SL
Stayflats Lite™ -- 3 SL
Stayflats Lite™ -- 5 SL
When value counts… the economical way to mail your important documents! Our line of Stayflats Lite™ mailing envelopes is the answer to the challenge presented by today’s higher postal rates.