Guided Wave, Inc. Datasheets for Water Quality Photometers and Colorimeters

Water quality photometers and colorimeters are ion-specific, computer-interfaced probes that are designed to determine the concentration of a solution from its color intensity.
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Product Name Notes
Process Analyzer -- ClearView Semiconductor Can be operated remotely over an Ethernet network with VirtualView Remote
Process Monitor -- Simulplex™ Can measure 2 sample probes simultaneously, separate reference for each
In-Line Water Analyzer -- ClearView™ In-line process water analyzer, explosion proof enclosure
Process Monitor -- ChemViewMx™ Measures 6 wavelengths simultaneously at 8 points
Process Monitor -- ChemView® No moving parts, ideal for safe, remote analysis, low cost/maintenance
H2O2 Vapor Monitor Turnkey operation, simultaneous peroxide and water concentrations