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The ConveyXonic elastic belt from Hutchinson features longitudinal ribs and has been specially designed for roller conveyors. These power transmission belts can transport parcels weighing anything from 1 kg to 2 tonnes. The elastic properties of the ConveyXonic belt enable it to absorb shocks and vibrations, reducing noise which makes the transmission quiet.
Ideal for light loads (from 1 kg to 400 kg), medium loads (400 kg to 1.2T) and heavy loads (1T to 2T).
• Easy to use,• Can convey parcels with heavy loads,• Efficiency reduces the motors electrical consumption,• The number of ribs on the belt can change but the same roller can be used for light loads,• Silent transmission regardless of speed,• Can operate non-stop 24/7 in complete silence
Length = 456mm
Belt Section = J
Minimum Pulley Diameter = 43mm
Series = ConveyXonic
Material = Polyamide
Minimum Operating Temperature = -30°C
Maximum Operating Temperature = +80°C

Product Category
V-Belts and V-Ribbed Belts
Belt Section Designation

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