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The FleXonic elastic belt from Hutchinson features longitudinal ribs and has been specially designed for industry. The FleXonic belt can be installed on a fixed centre distance, and absorbs vibrations reducing noise levels. The polyamide core has better mechanical properties and can tolerate temperatures over 100°C. There is no need for a tensioner device as the belt maintains tension throughout the transmissions lifespan.
Can be used in concrete mixers, woodworking machines and gardening equipment.
• Reliable and high-quality power transmission,• No need for tensioning device,• Reduced weight and compactness of power transmission,• Reduced pulley diameter,• No need for retensioning,• Long life-span,• Can adapt to temperature variations: -40°C to +120°C
Length = 614mm
Belt Section = J
Minimum Pulley Diameter = 9mm
Series = FleXonic
Material = Polyamide
Minimum Operating Temperature = -40°C
Maximum Operating Temperature = +120°C

Product Category
V-Belts and V-Ribbed Belts
Belt Section Designation

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