Norton Abrasives Datasheets for Superabrasives and Diamond Tools

Superabrasives and diamond tools include grinding wheels, abrasive saw blades, wheel dressers, single-point tools, and other products that use diamond or cubic boron nitride (CBM) abrasive grains.
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Product Name Notes
Half-Circle Concave Radius Tools – A specially-shaped diamond set in the side of the shank for forming half-circle radii on small diameter grinding wheels. The tool is rotated to form...
Internal Grinding Tools – Q style shank is used on a Heald internal grinder (resettable). R style shank is used on a Bryant #5 internal grinder (resettable).
ASD100-R100B99-1/16 Hand Hone
ASD100-R75B99-1/8 Straight Wheel
ASD100S-R75B105-1/16 Cup Wheel
ASD100S-R75B105-1/8 Cup Wheel
ASD100S-R75B99-1/16 Cup Wheel
ASD100S-R75B99-1/8 Cup Wheel
ASD100S-R75B99-1/8 Straight Wheel
ASD120-R75B105-1/16 Cup Wheel
ASD120-R75B105-1/8 Cup Wheel
ASD120-R75B99-1/16 Cup Wheel
ASD120-R75B99-1/16 Dish Wheel
ASD120-R75B99-1/16 Straight Cup
ASD120-R75B99-1/4 Straight Wheel
ASD120-R75B99-1/8 Cup Wheel
ASD120-R75B99-1/8 Dish Wheel
ASD120-R75B99-1/8 Straight Cup
ASD120-R75B99-1/8 Straight Wheel
ASD120-R75B99-1/9 Straight Cup
ASD120/220-R100B99-1/16 Hand Hone
ASD150-R100B99-1/4 Cup Wheel
ASD150-R100B99-1/8 Straight Wheel
ASD150-R75B105-1/16 Cup Wheel
ASD150-R75B105-1/8 Cup Wheel
ASD150-R75B99-1/16 Cup Wheel
ASD150-R75B99-1/4 Straight Wheel
ASD150-R75B99-1/8 Cup Wheel
ASD150-R75B99-1/8 Straight Wheel
ASD150/320-R100B99-1/16 Hand Hone
ASD180-R100B99-1/16 Hand Hone
ASD180-R100B99-1/8 Straight Wheel
ASD180-R75B99-1/16 Cup Wheel
ASD180-R75B99-1/4 Straight Wheel
ASD180-R75B99-1/8 Cup Wheel
ASD180-R75B99-1/8 Dish Wheel
ASD180-R75B99-1/8 Straight Wheel
ASD220-R100B99-1/16 Hand Hone
ASD220-R75B99-1/16 Cup Wheel
ASD220-R75B99-1/4 Straight Wheel
ASD220/320-R100B99-1/16 Hand Hone
ASD220/400-R100B99-1/16 Hand Hone
ASD320-R100B99-1/16 Hand Hone
ASD320-R75B99-1/4 Straight Wheel
ASD320-R75B99-1/8 Cup Wheel
ASD320/400-R100B99-1/16 Hand Hone
ASD320B-R125B99-1/4 Fluting Wheel
ASD400-R100B99-1/16 Hand Hone
ASDC320C-R100B99-1/4 Fluting Wheel
AZTEC .007-100-1/16 Cup Wheel
AZTEC .007-100-1/8 Cup Wheel
AZTEC .007-150-1/16 Cup Wheel
AZTEC .007-150-1/8 Cup Wheel
AZTEC III 100T-1/16 Cup Wheel
AZTEC III 100T-1/8 Cup Wheel
AZTEC III 100W-1/16 Cup Wheel
AZTEC III 120T-1/16 Cup Wheel
AZTEC III 120T-1/8 Cup Wheel
AZTEC III 150T-1/16 Cup Wheel
AZTEC III 150T-1/8 Cup Wheel
AZTEC III 150W-1/16 Cup Wheel
Brake Controlled Truing Devices are designed for truing diamond and CBN wheels rapidly, effectively and with a minimum of superabrasive loss. Typical Applications Truing 1A1, 11V9, 11A2, 6A2 and 12A2...
CB100-TB99-1/16 Cup Wheel
CB100-TB99-1/8 Cup Wheel
CB100-TB99-1/8 Straight Wheel
CB100-WB99-1/16 Dish Wheel
CB100-WB99-SOLID Mounted Point
CB120-TB99-1/16 Cup Wheel
CB120-TB99-1/16 Dish Wheel
CB120-TB99-1/8 Cup Wheel
CB120-TB99-1/8 Dish Wheel
CB120-TB99-1/8 Straight Wheel
CB120-WB99-1/16 Cup Wheel
CB120-WB99-SOLID Mounted Point
CB150-TB99-1/8 Cup Wheel
CB150-TB99-1/8 Dish Wheel
CB150-TB99-1/8 Straight Wheel
CB150-WB99-1/16 Cup Wheel
CB150-WB99-SOLID Mounted Point
D10/20MIC-R100B99-1/16 Hand Hone
D120/140-H-MSL Straight Cup
Dia-Pak Tools Dia-Pak tools are primarily used in straight face disc grinding, but are extremely versatile and may also be used in centerless and surface operations. Designed for maximum economy,...
Diamond Sharpening Stone Course
Diamond Sharpening Stone Extra Course
Diamond Sharpening Stone Fine
Dry High Speed Diamond Wheel
Electroplated Diamond Hand HPK-6 Pack
FDD2SL60 Diamond Electroplated TR Disc
Free cutting on a wide variety of materials
High temperature vitrified bond maximizes form holding and life
NMVC400-J5VCA Vitrified Superfine Sticks
Norton Diamond Cluster Tools are designed specifically for straight face dressing of large diameter, coarse grinding wheels on single or double disc, centerless or surface grinders.
Norton High Performance Tools are used in the same manner as multi-point tools, but are designed to produce a superior finish. They are used on 120 - 150 wheels. The...
Norton Toolroom Dressing Tools are primarily used on surface grinders to form the grinding wheel to an exact concave or convex radius. Although some tools are designed for use on...
Since Norton conventional and high-performance Multi-Point Diamond Tools never need turning or resetting, they are the most economical way to accomplish a variety of straight, tapered and step dressing operations...
Specially formulated wheel treatment provides added lubricity to the wheel, minimizing risk of metallurgical damage
Standard Cone Point Tool These tools are used for precision dressing when the most intricate forms and radii are required. Can be relapped.
The Norton line of Single Point Diamond Tools sets the industry standard for straight and simple form dressing applications. It includes: resettable and non-resettable products, tools for all abrasive types...

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