Dapra Corporation Datasheets for Deburring and Chamfering Tools

Deburring and chamfering tools are used to clean edges after machining. Deburring tools remove flashing and other unwanted edge properties caused by cutting or machining. A chamfer is a beveled edge at the intersection of two surfaces so the surfaces are typically at 45 degrees.
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Product Name Notes
Angle Drilling deburrers with external start Model BEW 309 R-1 can also be supplied without an angle connector for the exhaust air hose. The tool has an overall length of...
Straight drilling deburrers with push start or external start Model BE 805 R is designed with a push start mechanism. The tool will not start until the countersink is pressed...
Drilling or brushing in difficult-to-reach areas is no longer a problem when using this angled drilling machine with long spindle and small angle head. Choose between the 90° and 45°
The low maintenance piston motor of this heavy-duty filer operates at a speed of 5500 RPM and has an adjustable stroke length up to 10mm. It is designed with a...
The short design of this Biax deburring tool provides an improved force-lever balance allowing deburring with lower pressure.
This high-performance multipurpose tool is ideal for filing, deburring, sawing, polishing and cutting.
This multi-purpose tool is ideal for filing, deburring, sawing, polishing and cutting. Its patented low-vibration operation allows the user to safely operate the tool for long periods of time.
This tool has a variable speed motor (2000-4000 RPM) and an adjustable stroke length of 1-5 mm. This machine is designed with a twist valve.
This tool operates at 2000 RPM, with a fixed stroke length of 8mm.
This unit is meant for small filing and deburring work. Additional accessories for FLV 8-12: 1 flat file (coarse) 001 620 204 1 half-round file (coarse) 001 620 207 1...