Abrasive Belts from Walter Surface Technologies

Conditioning and Finishing Drum Belts -- BLENDEX™

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Conditioning and Finishing Drum Belts -- BLENDEX™-Image

The BLENDEX drums belts will give you a consistent satin finish with the ability to remove fine scratches.


  • Made from high quality non-woven material
  • Reduces your finishing cost

  • Excellent for creating and restoring finishes
  • Produce a nice line finish
  • Will clean, refine and condition metal surfaces

Coarse: For tough cleaning, removing rust and small scratches.

Medium: For conditioning and removing surface imperfections.

Fine: For fine surface refinements.

SUPER Fine: Use as a last step before mirror finishing or to produce decorative finishes.


Product Category
Abrasive Belts
Belt Type
Bench, Pedestal or Backstand; Nonwoven
Applications & Materials Abraded