New Pig Corporation Datasheets for Screens

Screens consist of a surface with openings of specific sizes.  They may be made in many ways, including perforating a sheet, weaving metal wire or synthetic fibers or electroforming.  Among other uses, screens are commonly used to provide open but secure separation for a clean environment and flying objects, debris or insects. 
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Product Name Notes
PIG Drum Draining Screen -- DRM135 55-gallon steel drum can be closed or covered with a funnel with this screen in place Mounts securely with four thumb screws and holds up to 40 lb. of containers...
PIG Fine Drum Funnel Screen -- DRM553
PIG Fine Drum Funnel Screen -- DRM579
PIG Fine Drum Funnel Screen -- DRM600
PIG Fine Drum Funnel Screen -- DRM948
Sturdy, coarse mesh screens hold heavier containers and parts for draining Fine mesh screens filter out debris such as metal shavings or small parts .125" holes (1/8") catches shavings, bolts,...