Jiangsu Sunkaier Industrial Technology Co., LTD Datasheets for Impellers

Impellers are rotating devices that force liquids, gases and vapors in a desired direction. They are widely used in pumping, blowing, and mixing applications.
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Product Name Notes
Hydrofoil Imepeller -- A830 A830 - The 3 blades high-efficiency hydrofoil impellers offer the greatest pumping per horsepower. They are used in a variety of applications from general blending to storage tanks. A low-cost...
Gas Dispersion Impeller -- R763 R763 - gas dispersion impellers utilize a unique blade design that pushes a greater amount of fluid volume, reducing system drag and making power draws more consistent.
Retreat Curve Impeller -- R800 The impellers in the R800 Series are excellent uniformity of dispersion in the tank and fluidization of material in solid-liquid mixing and slurry mixing under low-revolution and low dynamic power...