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Company Information
Solar Atmospheres - Quality Vacuum Heat Treating, Brazing, Carburizing, and Nitriding. A commercial heat treating company providing unsurpassed quality and capacity for the vacuum heat treating and brazing of metal parts.
Certifications / Standards
ISO 9001:2008 and AS9100C Registered; NADCAP Accredited
Heat Treating Processes
Annealing; Austempering; Case Hardening; Carburizing; Carbonitriding; Conventional Hardening (Quench & Temper); Cryogenic; Homogenizing; Hydrogen Relief Baking; Martempering; Normalizing; Precipitation Hardening or Aging; Spherodize; Solution Treating; Stress Relieving; Gas Nitriding, Degassing, Diffusion Bonding, Sintering
Equipment Capability
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