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Dryflo® Mist Collector -- DMC-MMB

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Dryflo® Mist Collector -- DMC-MMB-Image

Dryflo® Mist Collectors
The Donaldson Torit Dryflo was the first cartridge collector developed specifically for mist applications. It was designed to collect oil, water-soluble and synthetic coolant mists from a variety of machining operations and other industrial processes. It can be used individually or in combination to meet the exact needs of your wet machining operation. The Dryflo design has several configurations such as machine-mountable, central system and packaged system that can meet your plant layout requirement.

Product Category
Mist Collectors and Fume Collectors
Unit Type
Collector Type
Source Collector
Abrasives; Coolant / Oil Mist; FinePowders

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