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Dalamatic® Dust Collector -- DLMC 2/6/15

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Dalamatic® Dust Collector -- DLMC 2/6/15-Image

Dalamatic® Collectors
The Donaldson Dalamatic is an automatic reverse-jet fabric filter dust collector. It is most suitable for continuous process applications involving heavy-duty product recovery, or collection of large concentrations of nuisance dust, where high collection efficiencies are required. The Dalamatic dust collector comes in two models: the Dalamatic Cased is a stand alone collector and Dalamatic Insertable is a versatile collector that can be inserted into various applications, such as bins, silos, bunkers or transfer points.

Product Category
Dust Collectors and Dust Collector Filters
Collector Type
Stationary Unit
Filtration / Separation Technology
Dry Type
Separation / Filtration System
Bag-type Units
Filter Cleaning

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