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Our forming and fabricating operations manufacture parts through stamping, laser processing, hydroforming, tube bending and waterjet cutting. Our stamping area, with presses from 20 to 7000 ton surpasses many production shops. We're well equipped to handle simple bends to complex tooling. We produce formed parts using both hydraulic and mechanical presses, as well as press brakes and shears. Our expertise in all facets of forming provides keen insight not only into prototype part development, but particularly into low-volume production runs. Our lasers—both 3 and 5 axis, can cut through thick armor plate or slice through thin sheet metal—all with amazingly tight tolerances. 3 axis laser cutting systems provide speed, accuracy and flexibility, while the 5-axis systems are ideal for cutting complex contours and shapes.

Company Information
3 Dimensional Services Group are experts in bringing part concepts to reality and laying design challenges to rest. They design and build prototypes with manufacturing intent in mind, and they do it faster than you can imagine.
Certifications / Quality Capabilities
ISO 9001; QS-9000
Bending Capabilities
CNCBending; Hydroforming; Roll
Additional Capabilities
Cut-to-Length; Machining; Slotting; In-lineWelding
Raw Material Form

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