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Rensselaer CATS helps companies solve their real-world manufacturing-related problems by developing system-level solutions across several key application areas, including: robotics and industrial automation, mechatronics, thermal management, fuel cell engineering and manufacturing and advanced composites engineering. The CATS’ multidisciplinary foundations in advanced manufacturing science, sensing and control, machine vision, and modeling and simulation anchor researchers’ end-to-end approach.

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The Rensselaer Center for Automation Technologies and Systems (CATS), a NY State-designated Center for Advanced Technology since 1989, assists client companies with applied manufacturing R&D to help them meet specific business objectives – increasing productivity, profitability, domestic and international competitiveness, and the number and quality of products offered – so that they can grow and create jobs.
Equipment Type
Automated Assembly Equipment
Pick and Place Equipment; Robotics; Vision Inspection

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